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Corona Virus And Changing US Demographics Expedite Move to Nearshore.

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

Outsourcing must migrate to superior Customer Facing solutions

The industry has been in a major migration mode to nearshore, and I expect even more in the next 2 years. Most companies’ needs are customer facing; so, the solutions they choose must be customer facing and customer-CENTRIC. How do we best improve customer experience? For the longest time, India and Asia were the low-cost options of choice for outsourcing. However, even prior to COVID, nearshore proved to be a superior route to go – for cost and quality. You have proximity, superior language skills and accents, a better understanding of the US style of business and communication, and more. India still produces the best higher-end technical talent; but most company needs are customer facing. During and post COVID, the need for Best in Class CX is magnified. This is where your chosen partner should focus.

Improve conversion rate by 45%

Any worthwhile Customer Experience Center must be transparent with no compromise in quality, from the 1st seat to the 1,000th seat, which leads to client confidence and great customer experience. Some customers may lose confidence with an agent who speaks with an accent. Additionally, The US demographic is shifting. Over 55MM Hispanics live in the US, and industry data indicates that native accent recognition and an agent’s ability to seamlessly shift to native tongue creates instant consumer comfort and leads to 45% better conversion. Challenge your prospective partner to deliver proof of multilingual skills with no discernible accent.

Your Call Center can’t rest during a pandemic

Now with COVID, the industry is changing with unique contingencies beyond access to labor and technology redundancies. The winners will have to include coverage for unknowns. In fact, in the last 5-6 months, leading outsourcing consultancies are repeatedly finding it difficult to find partners with adequate contingency plans. Your nearshore partner must have longstanding local relationships to ensure continuity and maintain broad access to highly-educated, bilingual talent. Equally as important, each agent on your team must be equipped and immediately capable to work from home as a contingency.

The pandemic is a painful reminder of the importance of using Best in Class partners. Commerce has slowed for many, but it certainly hasn’t stopped. The need for great Customer Experience, if anything, is elevated. In many ways, this time has merely expedited a megatrend started long before the virus disrupted our world…For many thoughtful leaders in the US, it has been a reminder of the need to find a quality nearshore solution to bring the comfort of proximity and the value of cultural fit and superior talent.

The best brands trust their customer-experience to TSI

Well before the outbreak of COVID, TSI had built contingencies and redundancies into its planning process, utilizing its nearshore and US-based network. Additionally, we have long maintained regular Work from Home (WFH) programs for all teammates. This focus on a superior and extremely flexible backend allows our work to speak for itself…(Click Here: for Case Studies.) And In multiple languages. (Click here: for voice samples)


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