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Have you migrated an existing Call Center to your Centers?  How do you ensure consistent service delivery?

We work side by side with our partners to build a Project Plan and execute site transitions. No transition is quite the same as the next, but with planning – and hustle – we have successfully migrated multiple offshore, Asia-Pacific Call Centers to TSI’s nearshore solutions as well as domestic sites to nearshore.

Are your Call Centers open during COVID-19 pandemic lock downs?

Yes. TSI has built multiple contingencies into it’s planning process including Work from Home. CLICK HERE: White Paper about COVID & Industry Trends

How is my team structured at TSI?

Your team is custom built to the spec developed with you during our assessment. You drive the objectives, but look to us to provide insight and direction to maximize your deliverables. Your Team Leader and Customer Experience Managers work very closely every day with you and your team of dedicated Agents to deliver your objectives. This allows for excellent lines of communication for updates, training, and a cadence that meets the unique needs of your business. And senior management is always involved as your internal advocate, providing guidance to the team and recommendations to enhance your performance.

Where are TSI’s offices?

TSI has administrative offices in Los Angeles and Customer Experience and Fullfillment Centers strategically located throughout North America, Central America and Europe. In the US, we are located in San Antonio, Northern California and Miami. Our nearshore locations include our hub in Managua, Nicaragua and additional strategic locations in San Jose, Costa Rica and Panama City, Panama.

What do you mean by “dedicated resources”?

Just that…. Your team at TSI is built of dedicated members chosen for their specialized business acumen, cultural fit and intangible skills so that they can live and breath your brand voice. This focus elevates Customer Experience and allows us to deliver Execution. Guaranteed!™

Does TSI have a Disaster Preparedness & Recovery Plan?

Yes. Ask your Sales Manager for more details.

What languages do your agents support?

Our nearshore agents provide flawless support in English, Spanish, German, French and Portuguese. If your business requires additional languages, simply call us. We can source talent to support your needs. Also, CLICK HERE: to read more about changing demographics in the US and the value of native, Spanish-accent recognition to increasing Conversion Rates...

How do you manage Confidential Information?

Our reputation is only as good as our performance. For this reason, we maintain the strictest client data security, including but not limited to use of biometrics to protect data access, blocking use of all USB/external drives and use of CCTV cameras to ensure compliance. Strict SOP’s include removal of all personal technology, including cell phones, from the floor of the Customer Experience Center. Each team member undergoes complete background and reference checks, and they sign a bonded non-disclosure agreement.

What makes TSI unique?

Our teammates and our clients. We have been selective in partnering with great clients, and our extensive, dedicated teams in Central America and across the USA are driving sales growth for our clients that outpaces industry standards. In fact, TSI may be the largest, boutique outsourcing company you have not heard of – yet! We purposefully have focused on our back end to ensure we deliver on our promise: Execution. Guaranteed!™

What is Execution. Guaranteed!™

It’s a promise and a mindset. It’s the backbone of all of TSI’s services. Ultimately, it’s what has separated TSI in the outsourcing industry. The combination of great clients, superior talent and a passion for over-delivering.

What is Near-Staffing?™

Near-staffing is the practice of securing managed services from dedicated, remote employees via a strategic partner located in the USA or a nearby country. It is convenient, simple, and accessible. It is available with Work-from-Home resources and location-based resources.


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