Our Story

A family promise turns into a leading Customer-Centric Business


Born Out Of A Family Promise


Founder, Matt Reeser, wanted to keep a strong connection with his wife’s family and culture in Nicaragua.  And when a personal passion to connect with family combined with a white-space opportunity for strategically placed Customer Experience Centers in Latin America, the fastest-growing nearshore outsourcing solution was born.

From his first visit over 20 years ago, Matt Reeser quickly became entranced by the culture and the rich available talent pool in Nicaragua. In mid-2014, the first center was opened, and today, TSI offers CX solutions from centers throughout strategic locations in Latin America and the US. And with 1,000+ teammates (and growing) today, the strong “family” connection extends through each TSI location.

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The original vision in starting TSI was two-fold. First, I wanted to create a GREAT business that connects me and my family to Central America and gives back to humanity by providing quality jobs to deserving, talented teammates in other parts of the world. Second, I set out to make outsourcing incredibly simple AND REWARDING to all of our partners by providing the #1 nearshore solution in each vertical we serve.” —Matt Reeser, Founder, Tri Source International